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A note about Cascade’s recent performance

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– 1/22/13 edit – Cascade performance seems to be stable.

For the past week (January 14th until January 18th) Cascade has been running very slow, and I’d like to give some background on why it is happening and let you, the users, know what we’re doing to fix the situation.

First, I apologize for the glacial pace that Cascade has been moving for the past few days. We pride ourselves with keeping the CMS running smooth and as stable as we can get it, and the last week has not lived up to the expectations that we set for ourselves.

We were attempting to get basic analytics, provided by Google Analytics, onto all the sites hosted by us (sites that publish to the servers.) This would have allowed users to see analytical data from inside Cascade. Some sites already have this functionality, but it was limited to set of people who requested it.

Since we had a number of sites using this feature and it was working great, we started rolling it out to all sites under our jurisdiction. Once we had it all configured, Cascade began having intermittent issues with its performance. Since then, we’ve removed the analytics connectors from the sites we put then on earlier this week. It is still on our to-do list to get this data into Cascade, but not until a deployment of this scale is thoroughly tested and we are satisfied with the performance of the application.

Our current plan is to let Cascade work through what it’s trying to execute over the long weekend, and see if performance goes back to acceptable levels and then go from there.

Thanks for your continued patience.

Karl Fite
Application Support Specialist
Web Technology Services/Information Technology


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January 18, 2013 at 7:11 pm

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